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Buy xats and days First letter must not be a number. Sorry, name already taken Name is not allowed. Please try another. registration not confirmed not found Password: Name is too short Wrong username/email or password xat user name: xat registered user account management page I am 14 years or older and I agree to the Terms of Service Security check: You have to be at home to turn on account locking Download the Google Authenticator for your iPhone, Android phone or Blackberry and scan this with your phone camera: OR, if your phone has no camera, select Time-Based Mode and the following key: If you print out this page now you can recover your account if you lose your phone. !!DO NOT SHARE THESE CODES WITH ANYONE!! 6 digit authenticator number Incorrect authenticator code xat account authentication Failed to activate authorization. Try again Security check: Please re-enter authenticator code to verify this request Login requires authenticator code Bad user ID. Please login and try again Bad user ID. Sorry you can't register. xat - become a registered user Change password Change Password Change User Name Click this button to change your registered user name Registered user change status: Security check: This account is deleted You can't delete your account for Turn off authentication before deleting account Security check: Please check your email to login and delete your account Delete email is blocked Enter authenticator code: too many letters email is not valid Failed to make an ID. Please try later If you have forgotten your password or username use this form Forgot Password Current group power assignments: Group xat account locking Security check: This account is locked. You can only login at home. Please read: Only allow access from my current location. - Access free TICKLE power (days required) Login with a xat ID Login IMPORTANT you will lose all xats, subscriber days, powers and marriages etc Lost password/username 10-18 letters a-z, A-Z and 0-9 more Name was too long or contains bad letters IMPORTANT: you need this if you need to re-register the id You have to be registered to get xats. Please register below. You cannot delete an account that has xats, days or powers has not been registered before or was deleted (email reused) and can no longer be registered is not valid OFF (not authenticated) OFF (not locked) OFF (unprotected) WARNING: You might lose your old name if you do this. You can only change your name every 2 weeks ON (authenticated) ON (locked) ON (protected) Passwords are not the same Password was too short Password updated Please type a message in the chat and try to register again Registration failed. Please try and register again. Register for a xat ID Check to save token on this PC for 30 days Security check. Please login and try again Please set the clock on your device. (Time now: Security settings Click this button to become un-registered (delete user name Update Security settings THIS MUST BE A VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS TO ACTIVATE YOUR REGISRATION. Registering a xat ID prevents other people from impersonating you as you will be the only person on xat who has the registered name you have chosen. Some groups require users to be registered before they make them member, moderator or owner. You need to have a xat ID to be able to become a subscriber, get xat married or own xats and powers. Only allow access with Delete all mobile devices Please login and start again is already registered You must agree to the terms Username is now taken. Please try another name Email is used. Please try another email email, id or name has already been used At least 6 letters, case sensitive, 0-9,A-Z,a-z only Register failed Old New Please wait 10-18 letters a-z, A-Z and 0-9 PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD AS YOUR EMAIL! IMPORTANT: If you see a box like this please press 'Allow'. If you do not you will not be able to store friends or use the chat. If you see this box you will need to log in again. xat Account Protection
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Security check: Please check your email to login and to verify you are not a bot Registration failed. Please try later xat chat user: %s - Activation required Hello %s, Click on this link to activate your registration: %s (NB until you have clicked on this link %s has not been reserved and is not active) Hello %s, Click on this link to activate your registration: %s For instant help with your xat go here: %s For other problems, comments or suggestions please use the xat community here: %s === THIS IS AN AUTOMATED MESSAGE, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY ===

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